Sunday-5 is a fictional moon-nation. Through my art I tell stories of its people, my people, and everything else in the universe.


Just my luck not any of my one friends wants to hang out tonight.

Red Lightning 

Rita Clare
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Cool kid

Rita Clare
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This is a picture of a Trellanian engaging in a popular pastime of their people - diamond picking in the gem orchards! An opportunity for a fun family outing, as well as a protected natural reserve, the Trellanian National Gem Forest attracts year round visitors who come to help contribute to the harvest of Trellania’s second largest export - gems! The first? Spirit oil of course!

2013 Rita Clare
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I want to fuck the first boy I see

When we are done I will break his nose with my fist
let the blood run
blow him a kiss
turn around and walk away
not looking back

I won’t call him for a month

I will arrive at his house at 3 am one night
open his window
climb in
turn on the light
tell him get dressed
We walk two miles
in the fog
he is always two steps behind
We break glass
we commit misdemeanors until the sun comes up

and we are not the greatest love story
ever told

but we come close

Book #1
Page #3

2012, Rita Clare
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Citizens of Sunday-5
Outcast from their home world for being too ugly, the citizens of Sunday-5 are proud, accepting, and warm.
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Its like doing your best to hold all of these colors inside of you that are constantly try to overflow, only some people are weaker in different parts, and so when we can’t hold it all in, some of us leak green, while other leak blue, and some of us leak red and orange and yellow all together, and some of us look all white and hold them all in for as long as we can and then all our colors leak out at once and can’t ever be put back inside.

Thelmadore the Thumb King
Recently coming into power after the death of his father, Thoritian the Great, who was well loved during his 247 year rule, Thelmadore is still learning how to rule over the Trellanian kingdom of Thumbria. He spends most of his days being entertained by a troupe of Pinkean indentured servants-turned-dwarf jesters from the conquered region of Littlea. His insatiable appetite for comedy has quickly gained him the reputation of being a fool of a king in his 10 years ruling. However the successes of his father’s conquests linger, giving Thelmadore ample time to mature as the leader of Trellania’s largest and only unified nation.

Rita Clare
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I think that taste in music is the only thing that matters when judging a person. There is nothing more telling about someone’s personality than what their favorite music is, because we listen to the songs that reflect a part of who we are, and that part is reflected back into the world.

Book #1
Page #1

2013, Rita Clare
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2013, Rita Clare
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